Our Stories

"Partners all over the state are assisting communities to develop smoke-free policies with great success. These policies protect some of our most vulnerable citizens” said Barbara Kumpe, Public Policy Manager for the Arkansas Tobacco Control Coalition.

 Policies and Social Norms Create the Best Solution for Change in Arkansas

Since 2005, Arkansas has worked to protect the most vulnerable from secondhand smoke through statewide policies. However, smoking prevalence was not declining as expected. Working with 22 community groups providing technical assistance to bridge the gap between policy implementation and social norm change became Arkansas’ focus. The missing component in changing social norms and protecting residents was a message of wellness at the community level. By addressing social norms in the community, Arkansas decreased prevalence rates for both adult and youth alike.

 Wooster Protects Citizens with Comprehensive Smoke Free Law

In June 2016, a City Council in Faulkner County became the first group of city leaders to pass a citywide comprehensive smoke free law. The law includes e-cigarettes and vaping indoors and outdoor areas. Congratulations to Wooster. This is a big step towards building a healthier community for all of Wooster’s citizens. Wooster is the first city in Arkansas to pass a comprehensive smoke-free measure since 2008, and the first city in Faulkner County to pass such an ordinance.